Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Tucson - January 2008

Our friends Claude & Richard met us in Las Vegas to begin a SouthWest vacation.

We loved the Chihuly glass

The Bellagio was celebrating the year of the Rat

The shark tank/pool at the Golden Nugget was a hit

As was the Neon Museum's downtown display

We stopped at Hoover Dam

Admired the Deco sculptures

And were shocked by how low the water was in Lake Mead - about 100 feet (33 meters) down from the original level indicated by the white rock.

We arrived at the Grand Canyon late in the afternoon

I think it's impossible to take a bad picture of the Grand Canyon

Did I mention that it was about 3 degrees F (-16 C) when we were there?

We stopped at Waputki monument

The Waputki ruins were very impressive

Claude found a store named for him in Sedona

We stopped at this church in Sedona
We spent the weekend catching up with friends at the Fiesta de los Osos in Tuscon. Hmm, we don't have photos from that.

All too soon we were back home in San Diego

We visited some San Diego celebrities before Claude & Richard flew back east

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