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I have long been fascinated with tattoos. In 1991 I finally got my first one. As you can see from the picture below, I've developed quite a little scene across my back since then.

Steve's tattooed back

I was fortunate - Before I got my first tattoo, a friend of mine who had some great tattoos gave me some advice:

Pick the first tattoo carefully. You will either have only one in which case it needs to be special, or you will get several and you'll want them to look like they belong together.

As people have asked for my advice, I expanded on that, eventually collecting my thoughts in a blog post Tattoo and TatDon't.

I started with Pegasus on my bicep...and went back a few weeks later to put some clouds behind it because it looked a little bare without a background. First tattoo lessons - I love color and depth.

My artist showed me Neptune that he has on his leg and I asked him to adapt it as Zeus for my back to go with Prometheus. I continued the Greek mythology theme for Apollo and the centaur, but strayed a bit from the theme to what you see today.

Here are some previous iterations and closeups of the work

The intial work was all done by Sugar Bear at Emporium of Design in Denver.

The start - Pegasus & some clouds to make him stand out.

My back as late as 1999.

By 2002 it had expanded to the lower back.

The dragons were added in 2003 to bring together the two sides of the design.
In 2006 I started going to Tim Lehi at BlackHeartBlackHeart in San Francisco
Tim added some depth and brought the whole thing together.
In 2012 I began another project, this time on my left leg. This work is being done by Travis Butchart at Propaganda Tattoo in San Diego no pictures yet

And some of the reasons for the imagery:

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